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General terms and conditions of business

1. Reservations
Reservations can be made in writing or by telephone. From this moment on the reservation is final and the guest is responsible for the rent. We will send the guest our reservation confirmation as soon as possible. By paying the (deposit) you agree to these terms and conditions.


2. Payment
50% of the total rental price must be paid to us together with the reservation order. The second half of the rent must be paid at least 5 weeks before departure. If this amount is not in our possession 3 weeks before the departure date, the reservation will be cancelled. If the travel contract is made within 5 weeks before the departure date, the entire travel price must be paid. Extrajudicial legal costs for the unpaid or partially unpaid rent will be charged to the tenant.

3. Additional costs
Immediately upon reservation of each property, we will indicate if there are any additional costs besides the rent. These additional costs may include the following: Energy (consumption of electricity and/or gas and/or water), tourist tax, final cleaning, etc. Furthermore, when renting our holiday home, a deposit is almost always required, the amount of which is indicated on the confirmation. After departure, the deposit will of course be returned in full, provided the house is returned in good condition.

4. Termination by the tenant
Do you want to cancel a booking for an important reason? Then you must do so in writing and preferably by registered mail. However, you remain liable for the amounts if the cancellation insurance does not provide for this.

5. Occupation of the property
The house must be handed over in a clean condition on departure. The number of persons stated in the rental agreement may not be exceeded. The tenant is responsible for the house and its furnishings and will compensate for any damage or loss caused by him. The house rules are part of the rental agreement. Pets are not allowed without our written permission.

6. Liability
We are not liable for any damage, accidents, losses or other irregularities that may occur to guests during their stay. Recreaver Rent acts solely as an intermediary between the guest / tenant and the owners and therefore cannot accept any liability.

7. Complaints
In the case of complaints other than mediation, you are obliged to contact us at home and abroad with our base (see reservation confirmation / route). If you do not report your complaint during your stay, no compensation can be claimed at the end of your stay. If the complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you must notify the Recreaver rental price immediately. Recreaver Rent will then try to find a satisfactory solution for you as a mediator. We will provide as complete a description of the property as possible, but reserve the right to make interim changes.

8. Special circumstances
If we are forced by force majeure to suspend or terminate the rental agreement in any way, this can be done without responsibility or liability.   

9. Correspondence
Please always quote the reservation number in all correspondence.


10. Price changes
Prices are expressly subject to change.
We are not bound by obvious printing errors.

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